Skilled Immigration

If you are a well-qualified individual wishing to migrate to Australia, there may very well be an opportunity for immigration to Australia.

This guide will also cover the different immigration categories for entry to Australia. The next part of the guide will cover the following categories.

Skilled Independent categories:

Skilled Sponsored categories:

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Australia Immigration

Australia Immigration Services offers professional and efficient Australian immigration services by providing a no-hassle, one-stop process for potential immigrants to Australia. Whether you are an IT Professional, tradesperson, or CEO, we guarantee your success at gaining a permanent residency visa for Australia - or we refund 100% of our fees! With several years of experience in dealing with Australian immigration, we aim to provide a reliable and professional service for those individuals or families who are serious in their desire to migrate to Australia.

Business Immigration

If you have experience in owning and managing a business or investment portfolio or are a senior executive in a major corporation and you wish to obtain permanent residence in Australia on the basis of your business track record.

Other residency