Assurance of Support Eligibility Criteria

Applicants who apply for migration to Australia under the following categories MUST have an Assurer:

An Assurer must be:

An assurer is required to have a minimum annual income of AUD$ 30,806 as evidenced by their income tax assessment notices for the last two years. This amount is subsequently increased by:

To illustrate:

Let's say that a married Australian assurer with two children will be lodging an Assurance of Support for a migrating family comprising two adults (husband and wife) and three children. The assurer would therefore be required to have a minimum taxable income of:

AUD$30,806(minimum amount covering the assurer and the first child in his/her family)
AUD$2,000(for the assurer's dependent spouse)
AUD$2,000(for the assurer's second child)
AUD$2,000(for the primary applicant in the migrating family)
AUD$2,000(for the primary applicant's spouse in the migrating family)
AUD$624(for the first child in the migrating family)
AUD$624(for the second child in the migrating family)
AUD$624(for the third child in the migrating family)

One Australian citizen or permanent resident cannot assure more than two adults at any one time. However, it is possible for a migrating family to have more than one assurer. For example, the spouse of an assurer can give a separate assurance provided that the financial circumstances of both support the two assurances.

How much is the bond?

A refundable bond must be lodged with a branch of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The bank holds the bond for two years from the date the migrating family arrives in Australia. Centrelink will release the bond at the end of that time, minus any amount needed to repay recoverable benefits and allowances paid to the migrating family during those two years.

The bond amount is AUD$3,500 for the primary applicant and AUD$1,500 for each other person aged 18 years or over included in the application. DIMIA will let you know near the end of the process when the bond is due. The assurer must not lodge the bond until requested to do so in writing by DIMIA.