Business Entry Monitoring

Monitoring Business Skills people mostly means that they must complete periodic surveys carried out by DIMIA about their business activities in Australia. The aim of these surveys is to determine the nature and extent of a visa holder's business activities in Australia and enable a visa holder to report on any difficulties experienced in getting into business.

Those Business Owner and Senior Executive visa holders who have been sponsored by an Australian State/Territory or not must complete a monitoring survey which will be sent to them following initial entry to Australia. After completing the survey and before the expiry of the four-year visa, a permanent residency application may be lodged as long as eligibility requirements are met.

Holders of sponsored and unsponsored Investor vissas may or may not be asked to complete a monitoring survey to provide DIMIA with information about any business activities undertaken in Australia to assist with reporting outcomes of the Business Skills category.

Business Talent (permanent residency) visa holders must also complete a monitoring survey 24 months from initial entry to Australia. The State/Territory sponsoring the applicant may also request information from Business Talent visa holders to verify their business activities.