Business Entry Obligations

All business skills entry temporary and permanent (Business Talent category) visa applicants must agree to notify DIMIA of their residential address within 6 months of arrival in Australia and must continue to notify DIMIA of any changes to their address within one month of a chane of address (this includes any residential address outside of Australia).

Furthermore, applicants under the Business Owner and Senior Executive provisional visa categories (including State/Territory Sponsored categories) must also, after a reasonable period of time, provide evidence that they have done at least one of the following:

Further more, visa applicants under the above categories must also agree to:

A survey must also be completed on request of DIMIA and any other additional information requested must be provided. Failure to meet any of these obligations may have a negative impact on any future Business Skills (permanent) visa applications.

For Investors who are either sponsored or unsponsored by an Australian State/Territory, the only obligation for these applicants is to maintain their Designated Investment for a four-year term. Failure to do so could result in your visa being cancelled.

Business Talent visa holders already have permanent residence on arrival in Australia, but as they are high-calibre business migrants, it is expected that they quickly become actively involved in business in Australia. Holders of this visa category are required by law to engage in a business with one of the characteristics described under obligations for Business Owners and Senior Executives. Failure to do this within three years of arrival may result in visa cancellation.