Heath Requirements for migration to Australia

In order to gain entry as a permanent resident in Australia, you and all your family members will have to meet a certain level of health standards for the purpose of protecting Australia from high health risks and costs.

Once your application is lodged and you have been determined to pass the points test by your case officer (about six to ten months into the process), you will be required to undergo the completion of a medical and radiological examination to be carried out by an Australian panel doctor in your current country of residence. The costs of these exams are your responsibility. All members of your immediate family, whether migrating with you or not, must meet the standards for your application to be successful. If you are pregnant or become pregnant during the application process, you are advised not to have the x-ray done until after the baby is born, meaning that your application may not be finalised until then.

A specific health condition the doctors will be looking for will be the presence of tuberculosis. If this disease is detected, this does not lead to automatic rejection of your application, but it might only be able to continue after recommended treatment and successful retesting. Other conditions of concern are those where a person is assessed as requiring treatment, support or assistance which may be in short supply or which cost a significant amount in Australia.