Australian Visa Fee Changes from 1 July 2004

06 July 2004

Along with the introduction of the new Skilled Independent Regional (Provisional) Visa category under Australia's General Skilled Migration program on 1 July, new visa application charges have been announced as well as annual amendments to certain visa application forms.

All permanent residency Skilled Migration categories were affected by a hike in main application visa fees of A$50 - from A$1795 to A$1845. The English Education Charge (EEC) for applicants with a poor level of English was increased by A$70 - from A$2560 to A$2630. Fees for most other visa categories were also increased, but to a lesser extent. Some temporary residency visa fees were only increased by A$5.

We urge you to ensure that you pay the correct visa application charge at the time of lodging your application, as an incorrect fee paid could result in significant delays to the processing of your visa.

To find out if you qualify for a new SIR (Provisional) visa, or could migrate to Australia under any other visa category, please call our London office on (0)207 842 0800 to set up a consultation.