Australian Sponsorship for Skilled Trades People - Huge interest from the UK

22 December 2004

South Australia currently has the most rapid annual economic growth rate of all Australian States and is experiencing skills shortages - especially in trade skills.

To overcome this shortage the federal Government in Canberra has devised a program whereby the individual states are able to sponsor selected skilled workers from overseas – who are under 45 – speak proficient English – and have the required skill set.

State Sponsored applicants do NOT have to pass the points test – so this can be an ideal method of entry for trade skilled applicants between 35-40 who cannot achieve the current 120 points pass mark.

Victoria (which includes Melbourne) – and most cities in Queensland are also short of trade skilled workers and Australian and UK trained tradesmen are highly sought after by Australian employers because of the similarity between Aaustralian and UK training and apprenticeship systems.

UK trained trade skilled applicants with CITY and GUILDS and/or NVQ trade qualifications should seek advice as to their eligibility under the Sate Nomination and SIR Sponsorship programmes.

The booming Australian economy - and historically low unemployment rate - has created skills shortages in most Australian States – especially for qualified and experienced tradespersons.

If you are under 45, and have 6-7 years experience in your trade – inclusive of training/apprenticeship/study - we can almost certainly get you a visa – even if you cannot pass the current points test!

If your occupation is in the following list please complete an assessment form by opening the preceding link and we will email you details of your best Australian visa options within three working days.

Applicants from countries other than the UK who have trade skills equivalent to Australian standards may also apply under these programmes.

UK trained tradesmen are assessed free of charge – complete and submit the form - or email a CV to ""

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