Is Australia really Number One? What do you think?

Vivek Mittal, UK (2005.08.05 07:29:34)

Australia is going to be a good option for migrants. As Umesh Joshi said below, Australia is encouraging more and more migrants from the rest of the world and migrants are also choosing Australia for their better lives.
VIKRAM ARORA, INDIA (2005.08.05 06:17:22)

I love Australia, it really deserves the first place, it is beautiful and peaceful with good opportunities and working conditions.
Wensheng Li, China (2005.08.04 16:48:57)

I love Australia!!!
Luke, England, UK (2005.08.04 15:56:17)

Australia is definately the number one country in the world. I am still young, but when I finish University I wish to move to Australia as a professional Goegraphy Teacher in Secondary School. I absolutely love Australia and whoever lives there and wants to move to another country must be barking mad!
vijay kumar Iranganti, India (2005.08.04 12:27:40)

Australia is the most beautiful and peaceful country. I love australia. I love Australia so much - the people, the behaviour, the culture is so great.
Alireza Kaveh, Iran (2005.08.04 11:35:52)

I think Australia is the best because it is the safest and the most beautiful country, also in terms of technology it is going to be the best in the future.
Jamil Khan, Argentina (2005.08.04 07:36:25)

Yes, it is No. 1 in terms of life style, employment opportunities etc.
Sumita Arya, INDIA (2005.08.04 04:57:02)

In my opinion Australia is really "The Best Country of The World" because its very peaceful & safe to live there. What does man need in life except money? Only peace & beauty. So Australia is equally beautiful & peaceful. As a Beautician, I love beauty & nature, which we can find in Australia & thats why i love to live in AUSTRALIA.
Reynaldo Balboa, The Philippines (2005.08.04 02:49:16)

I would prefer Canada...a beautiful and peaceful country. Very much civilized and the best place for one to be more productive and useful to society.
N S Rajkumar, Singapore (2005.08.04 02:37:34)

I guess steady economic growth, a stable govt. , muliticulturel society and safest continent in the earth all well support its no. 1 position.
Faisal, Australia (2005.08.04 02:14:00)

Australia is truly amazing! Lucky to be in this part of the world.
Hasan Javid, IRAN (2005.08.04 01:44:11)

In terms of standard of living, Australia topped the list of all countries in the world. Canada is not bad, but not so good. Its people are not so friendly and I think Australians are the best people in the world.
Farzad Kohantorabi, IRAN (2005.08.04 01:39:43)

I have applied to get Australian permanent residency, since I strongly believe that at the moment the USA and CANADA are not good countries to live in. The USA is not safe and CANADA does not enjoy good weather and also does not offer a good standard of living to its immigrants. So, come to live in Australia.
Kabayan, Philippines (2005.08.04 01:33:36)

For IT New Zealand is better than Oz in terms of employment opportunities & beauty, but I think, yeah, Oz is the best place to start a new life in general because of good governance, public safety. you can acquire citizenship in 3 years compared to 5 years of NZ... and perhaps they have one of the highest minimum wage around the globe!
kazi tariqul islam, Bangladesh (2005.08.03 12:40:56)

Limited growth of population, political stability, incorporating many more skilled migrants from overseas, makes the civilized Australia really the richest and safest one, I believe without any cotradiction.
riayatullah, Pakistan (2005.08.03 11:30:20)

i like australia, 'cos it's one of the safest countries in the world. It's one of the most beautiful countries and one of the most civilised nations of the globe.
pankaj dumra, India (2005.08.03 10:51:30)

Oh yes, Australia very well deserves the first place. The country has a lot to offer on various fronts. The govt. seem to be stable. Business is good and moreover the country has opened it arms to outsiders. That is the best part.
Umesh Joshi, India (2005.08.03 01:35:05)

Australia really deserves the position. Australia offers the world's best living along with the best working opportunities and conditions. The best part of Australia is, its continuous encouragement to the migrants coming from around the world.

03 August 2005

Since has such a wide, global audience, we thought we'd conduct our own survey based on the story about a recent poll that found Australia was the world's favorite nation. What do you think? Does Australia deserve to be Number One? Are you surprised that the US is 11th? Should New Zealand be higher? Give us your opinion.

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