Australian parent visas reunites families

13 October 2006

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Australia reunites families all over the world with the Parent Migration Program. Citizens and permanent residents can now sponsor their parents to migrate and live with them in Australia so they may spend the rest of their lives together.

To be eligible for the Parent Visa, you must be sponsored by your child, who must already an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident for at least two years or an eligible New Zealand citizen. Also, you must pass the "balance of family" test, which simply requires that half of your children must be permanently residing in Australia, or at least a majority of your children must be residing permanently in Australia more than in any country in the world already combined.

There are three main types of the Parent Visa:

1. Working Age Parent (Subclass 103) Visa - for parents outside Australia not old enough yet to be granted an Australian age pension.

2. Aged Parent (Subclass 804) Visa - for parents in Australia who are old enough to be granted an Australian aged pension.

3. Contributory Parent (Subclass 143) Visa - for parents who are willing to contribute an extra application fee to cover health costs.

If all or most of your relatives are already settled and are living in Australia as permanent residents, then you can also qualify for the Remaining Relative (Subclass 115 / 835) Visa.

Sponsors of parents migrating to Australia must provide a legal undertaking to support them during your first two years in Australia. Parents must also satisfy the health and character requirements for speedy and permanent entry to Australia.


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