NZ - China free trade agreement simplifies immigration

11 April 2008

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A free trade agreement signed between New Zealand and China on 07 April 2008 will make visiting and immigrating to New Zealand easier for Chinese citizens.

According to the New Zealand government, the free trade agreement liberalizes and facilitates trade in goods and services, and is meant to improve the business environment and promote cooperation between both countries in a broad range of economic areas.

One area that the free trade agreement will improve is migration for Chinese citizens to New Zealand. The agreement makes a number of immigration routes into the country easier for Chinese citizens, including temporary skilled migration, intra-company transfers, and Working Holiday visas.

New Zealand actively promotes immigration to the country to help fill labor shortages and make New Zealand more globally competitive. Skilled migrants can get permission to live and work in New Zealand without a previous job offer through its Skilled Migrant Category, a points based system similar to skilled migration schemes in Australia and the UK.

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