NZ: Growing number of people using immigration consultants

12 August 2008

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A recent reader survey conducted by travel site Destination New Zealand found that more people immigrating to New Zealand are using immigration consultants.

The survey looked at a number of issues that people consider before deciding on immigration to New Zealand, such as bureacratic hurdles and waiting periods.

According to the survey, 47.1 percent of readers are using an immigration consultant for their applications.

The survey found that the waiting time was the most inconvenient and irritating part of the immigration process. This may have contributed to the higher use of immigration consultants, as they can help applicants avoid delays by making sure the required paperwork is 100 percent complete and correct.

The survey also found that -- without outside assistance -- people had difficulty in providing the documentation required for the application. This also bolstered the case for employing an immigration consultant who can guide applicants in navigating the immigration system.

New Zealand, like Australia and Canada, actively promotes immigration of skilled workers from overseas through its Skilled Migration Category scheme.

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