Australia lures skilled US workers overseas

31 August 2008

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According to Australian news source, The Age, the government of Queensland, Australia is actively marketing the region as a desireable immigration destination for skilled workers from the United States.

There is record unemployment in America's industrial states due to manufacturing plants shutting down or laying off workers. In response, Peter Beattie, former Queensland premier and now Queensland's trade commissioner who is who based in Los Angelas, issued press releases stating that "Queensland wants you!" to various media outlets in the affected states.

Queensland -- and the rest of Australia -- has a particular need for skilled workers -- especially in the manufacturing, mining, and engineering sectors. Labor shortages are an acute problem in Australia, prompting immigration authorities to increase its skilled immigration quotas for the current financial year.

Beattie stated that Queensland, due to its sunny climate, makes it an attractive destination for US workers from the northeast US states. Beattie also highlighted Australia's lack of a language barrier and Queensland's focus on family, education, and work rights.

"Many job opportunities are located not just at mine sites but in Queensland's beautiful coastal and hinterland towns and cities where workshops and service centres are located," he said.

"We had not thought to recruit in the US but it is a logical market for us as [American] workers are well trained and skilled," he added.

However, Australia is not only looking to America to fill its skills shortages. The country has a highly successful skilled immigration program that brings skilled workers to Australia from all over the world.

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