New Zealand Working Holiday Scheme for Brazilians launched

08 December 2008

From 08 December 2008, 300 places will be made available for Brazilians aged 18 - 30 who wish to take a long holiday in New Zealand with the option to work. The Brazil Working Holiday Scheme is part of a joint effort between the governments of New Zealand and Brazil to raise awareness of each other's culture.

Eligible citizens of Brazil will receive a work visa and permit valid for 12 months. Participants must not work for the same employer for longer than a three-month period.

To be eligible for a Working Holiday visa, applicants must be citizens of Brazil at the time of application, have a minimum of NZ$4,200 in available funds to support their stay and agree to have medical and hospitalization insurance that will remain current throughout their stay in New Zealand.

If you are a citizen of Brazil and wish to increase your cultural awareness through a working holiday stay in New Zealand please call our London office for more details.