Australian economic growth means more opportunities for immigrants

22 December 2009

The Australian economy is creating more and more jobs. Compared to many other Countries Australia did relatively well during the recent economic downturn. The unemployment rate in Australia is about half the unemployment rate in Europe and the USA.

In November 2009 the Australian unemployment rate was 5.7 percent compared to the previous month's rate of 5.8 percent. Expectations had been that unemployment in November 2009 would have been at 5.9 percent. In November levels of employment went up by 31,200; 30,800 full-time jobs were created in this month.

Australia has benefited from continuing demand from Asian Countries for their natural resources. During the economic downturn many employers decided to reduce staff working hours instead of making redundancies. Now that the economy is on the up again it is likely that employers will wish to recruit more staff and increase the working hours of existing staff to previous levels.

Australian economic growth will mean more skills shortages and increased demand for overseas workers. It is possible for many immigrants to come under a General Skilled Migrant Category. This makes it easier for immigrants to find a job as the employer does not have to go to the trouble of having to apply for a work visa.