Australian Immigration visa State Sponsorship - Apply Now!

18 March 2010

The recent Australian immigration changes mean that fewer people qualify for Australian immigration under the skilled independent visa. The Migration Occupations in Demand List no longer exists. Changes to the Skilled Occupation List in June 2010 may make Australian immigration more difficult still.

Sponsorship by an Australian State or Territory under the State Sponsorship permanent 176 visa (relatives may sponsor as well) or the provisional 475 visa may be an alternative to the Australian Skilled independent visa. If you meet the requirements for a State Sponsorship visa it may be worth applying now instead of waiting until later in the year when you may no longer meet the requirements:


Under the State Sponsorship permanent visa you will need to meet the following requirements:

If you come under this visa category you benefit from Medicare cover and are also able to sponsor your relatives for permanent resident visas.


If your occupation is not on the state Skills in Demand list you may consider the provisional 475 visa instead:

As this is not a permanent visa you do not come under Medicare and so would need to take out private health cover. Until you have permanent residence, you will also not be able to sponsor relatives for entry to Australia.

If you are interested in these visas you may wish to look in particular at the States of S Australia, Western Australia and Tazmania as these have the greatest choice of occupations for the State Sponsorship visa categories.