Australian Capital Territory wants skilled migrants

03 December 2010

If you would like to immigrate to Australia, the Australian Capital Territory may be interested in nominating you for a skilled independent migration visa under the Australian Skilled Sponsored Visa (Subclass 176) or the Skilled Sponsored Residence Visa (Subclass 886).

These are Australian permanent residence visas. The Subclass 176 Visa is for people with good English language skills and experience in an occupation on Australia's Skilled Occupation List (SOL) who successfully pass the points-based test.

The Subclass 886 Visa is for overseas students who have graduated from an eligible Australian educational institution and wish to stay on in Australia permanently. Certain people in other temporary visa categories are also eligible.

For both visas, you must be sponsored by a state or territory government or, alternatively, have an eligible relative living in Australia who can sponsor you.

The Australian Capital Territory is one of many state and territory governments in Australia experiencing skills shortages; Australia has a very low unemployment rate. If you would like to live and work in the Australian

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