Study finds Australians welcome migrants

22 December 2010

There is strong support for skilled migration among Australia's population, according to a new study commissioned by the Australian SBS Television Network.

According to the study, over 60 percent of Australian's favour diversity and feel that migrants enrich the Australian way of life.

In addition, six out of ten first generation migrants felt a sense of belonging to Australian society. For the second generation, the sense of belonging was much greater.

The country's sub-five percent unemployment rate means that there is a shortage of skilled labour. This is a significant factor in the pro skilled immigration sentiment among Australians.

Businesses have been stressing the need for increased immigration as the economy heats up, especially in sectors such as mining and construction. The Australian government has listened and is expected to reduce the red tape involved in obtaining temporary work visas.

Australia has a points based immigration system for permanent residence which scores applicants based on criteria such as age, experience in occupations that Australia needs, and knowledge of English.

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