More job and immigration opportunities in Australia for Brits

29 December 2010

As the unemployment rate falls in Australia, more and more Australian businesses are finding it difficult to fill vacancies. Many new job opportunities exist as a result of continuing economic growth in Australia.

Citizens of the UK will usually have an advantage when immigrating to Australia. Good English language skills will give you more points under the points based system for an Australian visa.

Depending on your circumstances, different visas are available. If you do not have a job offer a subclass 175 Skilled Independent Migrant visa may be the most appropriate visa.

There are many benefits to the Skilled Independent visa. This is a permanent residence visa and can be applied for without a job offer from an Australian employer.

There are certian caveats, however. Applicants must be under the age of 45 currently -- although this limit will increase to 49 starting in the summer of 2011. An applicant must also have relevant work experience in their nominated occupation.

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