Australian business visas for UK citizens

30 December 2010

Australia is worth considering for those from the UK with a successful business career looking to expand overseas. Australia has a booming economy and to a great extent a shared culture with the UK.

The provisional State/Territory Sponsored Business Owner visa (Subclass 163) allows business owners under 55 years of age to emigrate and establish a business in Australia.

In addition, family may accompany you to Australia under this visa, and will have full work and study rights.

There are certain eligibility requirements that must be met. As stated above, you must be under 55 years of age, you must be sponsored by an appropriate regional authority of a State or Territory Government, and you must have an overall successfull business career.

In addition, you must have an ownership in a main business or two main businesses combined with a yearly turnover reate of at least AUD $300,000 in at least two of the last four fiscal years. Morevoer, you and your partner combined must have owned at least:

For more information, please see our Australian business owner immigration section.

Australia's economy is heating up and unemployment rates are falling. Australia is a nation that depends heavily on immigration to boost its global competitiveness. If you would like to start a new venture or expand an existing business in Australia, can help you acheive your goals. has over twenty years experience in the immigration business and has helped thousands of clients achieve their goals. For more information on Australian business visas, give us a call.