New Zealand makes business immigration easier

06 May 2011

New Zealand has announced changes to its business migration scheme designed to promote investment in the country. It is hoped that this will result in new investments in New Zealand of over half a billion New Zealand dollars. Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman said recently that the Government's business migration scheme has attracted over half-a-billion dollars in potential investment:

"We launched this package 19 months ago and the take-up rate has been incredibly encouraging. It's attracted $562 million in potential investment which shows the package is very appealing to business migrants," Dr Coleman says.

The residence requirements over the three year investment period under the business migration scheme will be reduced from 73 days to 44 days if you invest more than NZD 10 million. Multi-millionaire business migrants are an unusual group of migrants who frequently do not wish to spend much time in the Country that they invest in. For example for business reasons they may need to spend much of their time outside the Country.

Business Migration is just one of a number of available immigration routes for New Zealand. New Zealand does offer a points based skilled immigration scheme which allows people with the right knowledge, skills and abilities to immigrate to Kiwi.

For more information on immigrating to New Zealand under its skilled migration scheme, see out New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category section.