Increase in Indian immigration to New Zealand

20 July 2011

According to new statistics, India has become the largest skilled migrant source Country for New Zealand.

The 2010-11 financial year saw a 12 percent increase in successful applicants from India under the countries points-based Skilled Migrant Category immigration scheme.

According to the Migration Trends Statistics report, the increase in Indian immigration was due to Indian students in New Zealand applying for permanent residence.

Immigration from other popular immigrant source countries took a dip during the financial year. Immigrants from Britain decreased by 17 percent and immigrants from China decreased by 11 percent. South African migrants decreased by 37 percent and immigrants from the Philippines decreased by 25 percent.

It is interesting to note that Australia has recently made student immigration easier; In an attempt to deal with labour shortages in the mining industry temporary immigration to Australia has also been made easier. Both Australia and New Zealand wish to bring in more skilled immigrants.