Changes coming to Australian skilled migration visa program - Apply now!

16 December 2011

Australian immigration from 1 July 2012 will be introducing significant changes to their skilled migration program. If you wish to come under the current skilled immigration programme you should apply for a skills assessment as soon as possible. You need to be ready with your skills assessment and, have passed the English language test before you can submit your immigration application.

Australian immigration's new skilled worker program will be called the Skilled Migrant Selection Register, known as SkillSelect. This is similar to the New Zealand immigration system; You will have to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). The SkillSelect will work as an electronic two-stage process where prospective visa applicants first submit a claim for skilled migration through an online EOI. Following this, they may then be invited to submit an Australian visa application on the basis of their EOI.

Beginning 1 July 2012, all new prospective Australian skilled migration visa applicants will have to submit an EOI and wait for an invitation before they can lodge their visa application. For those who have lodged a visa application before that date, Australian immigration will process the application in accordance with any priority processing direction in effect at that time.

Australian visa applicants will be selected based on their points test score in a number of selection criteria. All prospective visa applicants will be required to meet the relevant English language requirements and obtain the necessary skills assessment prior to their EOI submission.

The SkillSelect system will affect applicants for the following Australian skilled visas:
Remember if you wish to apply for a skilled immigration visa you should start preparing now so that you are ready to submit your application before 1 July 2012.

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