Study shows New Zealand immigrants happy with their new lives

10 August 2012

A recent study found four in five New Zealand immigrants were either satisfied or very satisfied with their new lives in New Zealand.

The study, conducted by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), revealed that the main reason for foreigners wanting to move to New Zealand was to be with a partner, family member, or friends. The second most popular reason that immigrants gave for moving to New Zealand was because of the environment and the pace of life. The findings also showed that immigrants intended to stay in New Zealand. Of those surveyed, immigrants in general said they felt satisfied with their life in New Zealand and also said that they managed to find employment relevant to their skills and qualifications.

"Labour market participation for recent migrants is generally positive," MBIE head of labor and immigration research Vasantha Krishnan said in a statement. "Not only were seven out of 10 recent migrants in paid employment in 2011, over three quarters of employed migrants said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their main job and 72 percent stated that their occupation matched or partly matched their skills and qualifications."

More than 80 percent of recent immigrants were satisfied or very satisfied with life in New Zealand. Additionally, half of immigrants surveyed said they were made to feel more welcome than expected and 38 percent found crime rates to be lower than expected. Around 70 percent of recent migrants wanted to stay permanently in New Zealand and 89 percent said they would recommend New Zealand to friends and family.

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