New extended period for Australian Subclass 400 Temporary Work visa

30 December 2014

Temporary workers in Australia can in some circumstances now apply for a Subclass 400 visa for an increased period of six months. Previously the maximum period of stay was three months. These changes were introduced on 23rd November 2014.

The subclass 400 visa is a short term, temporary work visa which is normally issued quickly to employ overseas workers who are urgently required for specialist level work in Australia. Overall it is much easier obtaining a Subclass 400 visa than, for example, a Subclass 457 Temporary skilled work visa.

In order to be granted a six month visa, you will need to put forward a strong business case detailing the reason for the extended stay. The Department of Immigration will consider the following when deciding whether to grant the six month extended visa period:

If these conditions are met then the Australian Government will consider granting the extended six month visa period.

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