DIMIA announces new MODL list on 18 April: Implications for IT Professionals

01 April 2002

Recent changes to the Migration Occupations in Demand List by DIMIA may affect the number of points skilled migrants intend to claim on their visa application points tests.

Major changes include the removal of the following occupations:

If you have nominated one of the occupations above and your visa application has already been lodged with DIMIA, then you will still be able to claim MODL points.

IT Professionals have also been affected as shortages in certain new skills have been identified and other skills have been removed from the MODL.

Skills that have been removed from being highly in demand include:

Oracle, MS SQL Server, Powerbuilder, Java, Java Script, Delphi, Visual Basic, Lotus Notes, Advanced Web Design, ASP, Data Warehousing, Unix, Solaris, Linux, Project Management, Systems Analysis, Broad Commercial Business Understanding, and Overall e-commerce.

Skills that have been added to the MODL include:

Java security and e-commerce, Progress, Satellite Design, e-commerce security (non-programming skills), and CISSP.

Again the only potential migrants that may be affected here are those whose skills were identified by the ACS as being on the MODL prior to April 18th and whose applications have not already been assessed by the visa officer in charge of your case.

Please contact Workpermit.com if you have any questions regarding the MODL and see our new self-assessment points calculator on our website.