ACS announces new guidelines for skills assessments

16 September 2002

Effective October 1, 2002, the ACS has implemented new guidelines for IT Professionals applying for a standard skills assessment or RPL assessment for the purposes of migration to Australia.

Major changes to the requirements for the qualifications and skills of IT Professionals to be assessed as "suitable" for migration include the following:

  1. All applicants holding a Bachelor's degree (equivalent to an Australian Bachelor's degree) with a MAJOR in an IT-related field must also now provide evidence of ALSO having at least FOUR years of relevant IT work experience. In addition to this, a major in a Bachelor degree must have a minimum of two equivalent full-time semesters of IT content - such IT content must progress through all years of the program with at least one-third of it being at an advanced level (final year level)
  2. If you hold a Graduate Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma or Master's degree in IT, it must be a minimum of three semesters of full-time study and contain at least two semesters of equivalent full-time IT content - the program must be underpinned by a non-IT degree-level qualification or an AQF IT Diploma or equivalent (with a minimum of 50% IT content)
  3. All applicants who hold qualifications equivalent to an Australian AQF Diploma or Advanced Diploma with a major in IT (usually awarded after at least two years of full-time study, or equivalent to an MCSE) must show that the IT content was at least 50% of the course. These individuals must also provide evidence that they have at least SIX years of relevant IT work experience.
  4. All applicants who hold a Bachelor's degree with a MINOR in IT must show that the IT content is at least 20%, and they also should have at least SIX years of relevant IT work experience. If you meet the criteria for the above, you can still take the standard ACS skills assessment.
  5. If you are a recent graduate of an Australian university, you must hold a Bachelor's degree with a major in IT but you do not have to have any IT work experience, as long as you apply within six months of graduation.
  6. If you have limited or no qualifications but you have extensive and varied IT work experience of at leas SIX years PLUS supporting professional development education (i.e. training courses, some industry training and qualifications, i.e. CCNA, MCSD, MCP qualifications) then you can apply for a Recognition of Prior Learning assessment.

Changes to nominated occupations:

  1. To qualify as an IT Manager, you must provide evidence that you plan, administer, and review activities concerned with the acquisition, development, maintenance, and use of computer and telecommunications systems within an organization, at a level which the ACS considers to be SENIOR. Occupations in this group which are proven senior positions involving large and complex ICT systems include:
    • Computer Services Manager
    • Information Systems Manager
    • IT Project Manager
    • IT Quality Assurance Manager
    • IT Support Manager
    • Network Manager
    • Technical Support Manager
  2. To qualify as a Systems Manager, you must provide evidence that you control the operating effectiveness of information technology systems, and arrange systems maintenance and enhancements to meet user requirements. Specializations in this group include:
    • Database Administrator
    • LAN/WAN Administrator
    • Network Administrator
    • Systems Administrator
    • Web Administrator
  3. To qualify as a Systems Designer, you must provide evidence that you conduct research into computer and communications systems and develop techniques for their effective application and use. Specialisations in this group include:
    • Business Analyst
    • Network Designer
    • Systems Analyst
    • Systems Architect
    • Web Designer
  4. To qualify as a Software Designer, you must provide evidence that you design and modify the operating environment software, which links computer software and hardware. Specialisations include:
    • Database Designer
    • Software Engineer
  5. To qualify as an Applications and Analyst Programmer, you must provide evidence that you write tests and maintain computer programmes to meet the application needs of end-users of computer systems. Specialisations include:
    • IT Analyst/Implementer
    • Analyst Programmer
    • Applications Programmer
    • Systems Designer
    • Analyst Designer
    • Applications Developer
  6. To qualify as a Systems Programmer, you must provide evidence that you write, maintain and update programs which control the overall functioning of computers. Specialisations include:
    • Software Programmer
    • Systems Communications Programmer
    • Systems Database Programmer
    • Software Analyst
    • Software Developer
    • Systems Engineer
    • Systems Programmer specialises in Skilled migration applications for IT Professionals, and have had 100% success rate for RPL assessments.

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