Australian Sponsored

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It is of benefit to you if you intend to migrate to Australia and you or your spouse have a close family relative in Australia who is willing to sponsor you.

Even under the skilled-sponsored categories, you must still meet the basic requirements, but in some cases you do not need not to pass the points test, i.e. under the Skilled-Designated Area sponsored category and Skilled-Designated Area Sponsored overseas student category.

To apply under this category you must have a sponsor and an assurer living in Australia. The sponsor and the assurer can, but not necessarily have to be the same person.

Is my relative eligible as a Sponsor?

Your relative is eligible as a sponsor if you or your spouse are related to the sponsor as a non-dependant child (a natural, adopted or step-child), parent, brother or sister (including adopted or step-sibling), niece or nephew (including adopted or step-sibling).

The sponsor must also be an Australian citizen; permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen aged 18 years or over who lives in Australia. Under the Skilled Australian sponsored category, your sponsor can be residing anywhere in Australia. You will gain an additional 15 points for sponsorship under the points test.

Who can be my Assurer?

The person who acts as your financial assurer does not necessarily have to be related to you. A person is eligible to act an assurer if s/he:

Your assurer is required to lodge a refundable bond with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia after your application is lodged and it is found that you meet the basic requirements and pass the points test. The bond will released after you have been in Australia for two years as a sponsored migrant.

In addition to the documentation required for all skilled migration applications, you should also include evidence of your relationship to your sponsor and evidence of your assurer's status in Australia and evidence of income.