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Although Australia welcomes highly qualified migrants with relevant skills and work experience, there is limit to the number of visas granted each year. Thus, every year, more applicants than spaces available are applying and numbers of prospective migrants are refused in their applications for a migrant visa to Australia. Furthermore, there does not exist a right of appeal against a visa refusal unless the application was made in Australia or if an Australian citizen, permanent resident or organisation in Australia sponsored the applicant. This means that only the most well-prepared applications can be granted an approval for migration to Australia. By using the services of WORKPERMIT.COM you are offered a detailed knowledge of Australian immigration rules and professional help in processing your visa application. You are also protected from any mistake that may cost you time and money or even lead to being refused in your application for migration to Australia.

If I choose WORKPERMIT.COM to help with my visa application, what services will be provided?

You would be provided with documents and data lists required for the application, we would complete the relevant forms for you, represent you in your application to the Australian High Commission, and keep you informed on the progress of the application. We would deal with all issues relating to the application as they arise, as well as respond promptly to any questions that you might have.

How do I know my chances of being granted a migrant visa to Australia?

We will carefully assess your background in a preliminary assessment before accepting your application. We only represent clients who we believe might be successful in their application for migration to Australia

In addition to your fee, what are the other costs for making an application for General Skilled Migration to Australia?

The costs involved depend on the visa category under which you apply. Generally there is a specific application fee that varies according to the visa category. You will also have to pay for your skills assessment by the relevant assessing authority, for police clearances and for medical examinations.

What if my application is not successful?

We will examine your eligibility carefully before accepting your case. In the unlikely event that your visa application is not successful, our service fee will be fully refunded.

How long does the visa process take?

The time for processing the visa may vary depending on the visa category under which you apply as well as on the location of the Australian verseas mission to which you have submitted your application. For Skilled migration categories, it generally takes approximately 6-12 months. If you contact us you will be advised on the time the visa process may take in your particular case.

Does the visa application cover my spouse and children?

If you are the principal applicant, the visa application can include your family. If this is the case, only you need to satisfy the main criteria. The family unit can include the your husband/wife, dependent children and other dependants such as aged parents. Dependent children are usually under the age of 18, but older children may still be considered as dependent if you prove them to be wholly and substantially reliant on your financial, food, shelter and other support and prove that they are more reliant on you than on any other person.

Are there any governmental forms of support to new immigrants in Australia?

No. Before deciding to migrate to Australia you should be aware that you are not entitled to any social benefit during your first two years in Australia. There are some exceptions to the above in certain circumstances.