State Territory Nominated Independent

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This independent category is for highly skilled individuals who also have education, skills and employability which will contribute to the Australian economy, and who are willing to settle in States and Territories where their skills are in demand.

To apply for this category you must satisfy the basic requirements, obtain a positive skills assessment from an Australian assessing authority for a nominated occupation from the SOL, pass the points test for the Skilled-Independent category and be nominated by a participating State or Territory for your occupation.

Current participating States and Territories are South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania. These States and Territories select nominees to meet a skill shortage in their area. The State or Territory would not bet your employer. However, since a shortage of skills has been identified in this region possibly in your occupation, it is expected that you would find a job quickly and start contributing to Australia's economy immediately.

If you were successful in applying under this category, you would have to undertake the following obligations:

You may contact the participating State or Territory in which you are interested for a list of occupations in demand and to see if nomination is a possibility. The advantage to you in applying under this category, if you are nominated, is that your migration application will be processed in about half the normal time, and it may be easier for you to find a job.