Visitor visa

If you would like to go to Australia for tourism, seeing your relatives or friends, pre-arranged medical treatment or short - term study (3 months or less) and your intention is not to work during your stay, you may very well apply for visitor visa.

You can choose one of the following categories:

How do I apply?

You should get the relevant application forms to complete the visa application and submit them to the nearest Australian mission. You must provide a valid passport with your application as well as other documents required, depending on which visa class you apply for.

You should be of good health and good character.

You may also be required to pay a non-refundable charge.

Can I extend my visitor visa?

It depends. Generally, if you need to stay longer you must apply for your visa to be extended before your visa expires. However, you will not be allowed to extend your visa if your purpose is to complete a course of study or start a new course, since you should complete your study course within 3 months after your arrival.

If you have a Medical Treatment visa you can apply for a further visa if the medical treatment must continue. Or you can also apply for a further visa for tourism, seeing friends or studying if your medical treatment has been completed.

Am I eligible for a Medical Treatment Visa?

To be eligible you are to fulfil one of the following:

How long can I stay?

You are allowed to stay for the period of your medical treatment and to travel to Australia once only on this visa.