Working holiday maker

Australia's working holiday maker scheme allows young people to have an extended holiday by supplementing their travel funds through incidental employment, thus experiencing closer contact with the local community and promoting international understanding.

Currently, Australia has reciprocal working holiday arrangements with Canada, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malta, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Can I apply for a Working Holiday visa?

Only citizens of the above-mentioned countries are eligible to apply for Working Holiday visas. All visa applications must be lodged overseas. Citizens of Japan, Korea, Malta and Germany must apply in their own country.

What criteria must I pass in order to apply for a Working Holiday visa?

You must be between the ages of 18 and 30 and be single or married without children.

You need to show that:

If you are granted a working holiday visa, you are allowed a stay of 12 months from the date of initial entry to Australia.

You are permitted to study or train for up to three months in Australia if you applied for your visa after 1 July 2000.

What are the working conditions under this visa?

If you are granted this type of visa, you are allowed to do any kind of work of a temporary or casual nature. Since the main purpose of the visit is for holiday and travel, work for longer than three (3) months with any one employer is not permitted. Working holiday makers should be paid according to Australian award rates and conditions.

From which countries do most applicants for this visa apply?

From 1999-2000, working holiday visas were granted to 74,000 young people. The countries of citizenship for most of the working holiday makers who received visas during this time period were United Kingdom (38,696), Ireland (13,155), Japan (8,442), Canada (5,433), Netherlands (4,818) and Korea (1,198).